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These Women Feel More Beautiful in Their 30s Than in Their 20s

Age shouldn’t be a qualifier of beauty and confidence. The stories of these women prove that turning 30 is just the beginning of something better.

“I was scared of responsibilities in my twenties. When I finally reached my thirties, I knew I finally needed to be more stable, independent, and knowledgeable. In a way, I can say that I was able to achieve them. I have a stable career with some businesses on the side, and I am also living independently. This is a continuous process for me. I have a lot of plans for what I want to establish during this decade.

As for my love life, I’m single now. Even when I was younger, I didn’t plan on getting married before thirty. I always wanted to be more accomplished before settling down with a family. I wanted to travel more and experience things that would be harder (financially and time-wise) if I was married with kids. I’m happy I stuck with that choice.” —Mavic Puey, Digital Strategist

“One of my biggest regrets is not taking better care of my skin in my twenties. Back then, I was more focused on addressing its immediate needs, so I didn’t really have a proper skincare routine. When I noticed that mistake as I reached my thirties, I decided that I needed to take action.

Now that I’m in my thirties, I am more aware of what my skin needs. I started small with my routine. There was a lot of trial and error, but I did find the right products for my skin. I use essential cream products, moisturizer, and serum now. I also use exfoliation pads twice or thrice a week after washing my face. I also started taking (d-Alpha Tocopherol) Myra 400-E capsules.

To all the women out there, I want you to know that it’s never too late to start building your skincare routine.” —Libby Era-Chua, Corporate Director

“Marriage is not for everyone. I think you shouldn’t be doing it unless you are ready for a lifetime commitment. But if there’s one kind of commitment I can say I have been ready for when I turned 30, it’s definitely with my skin! 

When I entered my 30s, I finally decided to commit to a better routine for my skin and body. Before, I used to eat whatever I wanted. I didn’t think about calories and sugar. Now, I prefer healthier food options. Before, I just used soap and water. Now, I can’t sleep without toner, clarifying lotion, moisturizer, serum, and eye cream on. I also make sure that I take (d-Alpha Tocopherol) Myra 400-E capsules. It’s important to take care of your skin.” —Nica Labaguis, Indirect Procurement Executive

“Before, turning thirty was a big deal for me. I was scared that everything would start to sag, and I wasn’t ready to lose my youthful glow back then.

When I finally entered my thirties, I realized that how you perceive yourself is solely dependent on you. You can’t stop yourself from turning a year older, but you can stay youthful as you age. You can stay and feel as young as you want if you invest in yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

When it comes to skincare, my advice for women who are about to turn thirty is to invest in your future. Know more about your skin type and which products are best for it.” —Cha Cobarrubia, Group Account Manager

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