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Vitamin E: The vitamin missing from your skincare

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Give yourself the glow-up you deserve, inside and out

With what’s happening on the news lately, new work-from-home routines, and hardly stepping out of the house, it’s no wonder most of us haven’t had time for real self-care.
“But I’ve been following all the advice on the internet!” you might say.Well, seeking out ways to take care of yourself is the first step to actual self-care. But it’s not just about giving in to your cravings, coming up with an exercise routine, or consistent skincare.

Self-care, first and foremost, is about the self. What do you need? Why are you in distress? Why do you need to seek these types of advice in the first place? If it’s just about a regular routine, then why do you need to recalibrate it?

Ask yourself the questions you need to know you better. And add this one too, “When have I last let myself glow?”

For most women, self-presentation is key in giving us that extra boost of confidence and productivity. Feeling good makes us feel like we can do good.

Inner and outer glow: Breaking it down

One thing that’s personally helped me in the early days of the quarantine was longer sleep hours and, as a consequence, improved skin. This gave me a surge of positivity in my first few weeks during the quarantine. A ponytail and improving skin was my special combination in facing the mornings of this special WFH setup.
But more than just the skin, it’s also time to focus on your inner glow – your health.

Taking vitamins and immunity boosters for our daily health is a good step towards this direction. The good news is there’s a skincare brand out there that’s vitamin-based that can help you achieve your healthy, glowing complexion.

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