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Myra Fresh Glow Facial Moisturizer

The new Myra Fresh Glow Whitening Facial Moisturizer is now packed with more Beauty Vitamins (Vitamins E, C, B3, B5, B6):

  • It has Beauty Vitamins®, a powerful combination of vitamins that nourishes skin.
  • It has Pro-Radiance Complex™, which combines an oil-free formula and effective skin whitening actives. It improves skin tone in as early as 7 days while providing a shine-free complexion.
  • Light feel and non-greasy look making it ideal for everyday use
  • Whitens skin in 7 days
  • Protects skin from sun damage


7mL sachet – ₱11.00
40mL tube – ₱105.00

How to Use

Gently apply on face and neck after cleansing. Use morning and at night. Can be used under make-up. For best results, use with Myra Whitening Fresh Glow Facial Wash.


    1. Hi, LilingsJA! Myra Facial Moisturizer has been reformulated and is now powered with more beauty vitamins (Vit E,C,B3,B5,B6). There is Smooth Glow Facial Moisturizer for light feel, moist-look while Fresh Glow Facial Moisturizer is for light feel, non-greasy look. We hope you could try them out.

    1. Hi, Maya! Thank you so much for your interest in Myra. Our products are currently available in the Philippines only, but should there be opportunities to accommodate international orders, we will gladly let you know. 🙂

    1. Hi, Jhonny! There is generally no specific age when one may start using our skincare products (facial wash, facial moisturizer, lotions, soap). But as a general precaution, it’s best to talk to your doctor first especially if you have sensitive skin or sensitive condition.

      Also, you may use Myra products with other skincare products, but we recommend using Myra products alongside each other for best results.

      Hope this helps!

    1. Hi, RJ! Please be advised that both Myra Smooth Glow Whitening Facial Moisturizer and Myra Fresh Glow Whitening Facial Moisturizer are non-comedogenic. They are also Hypoallergenic and Dermatologist-tested. Hope this helps!

      1. Hi, Regielyn! While the Myra Facial Moisturizers are generally safe to use, we would advise you to consult a doctor before using it as well as other products especially if you have sensitive skin or sensitive condition. Hope this helps! Thanks!

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