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Myra Fresh Glow Facial Wash

For Normal to Oily Skin


No matter what, a real standout stays fresh with oil-free, glowing skin. And to help her face the world and make it glow, she cleanses daily with Myra Fresh Glow Whitening Facial Wash.

It’s more than just a facial wash. The new Myra Fresh Glow Whitening Facial Wash is now packed 5 Essential Vitamins (Vitamins E, C, B3, B5, B6), a powerful combination of vitamins that help nourish skin with every wash.

It also has Oil Clear Technology™, an advanced formula that effectively whitens skin. It also gently removes dead skin and slows down oil production, which helps improve the appearance of pores.

Perfect for normal to oily skin types, Myra Fresh Glow Whitening Facial Wash is ideal for daily use to deeply cleanse for oil-free, glowing skin.



10mL sachet – ₱16.00

50mL tube – ₱79.00

How to Use

Squeeze a pea-sized amount onto your palm. Lather with water, gently massage over wet face and neck. Rinse thoroughly with water. For best results, use with Myra Whitening Smooth Glow Facial Moisturizer.

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  1. I’ve been tried many product for my face, but no one suits for me easy to say it’s not effective to me. I hope that this product will help me to achieve the glowing skin that I want to achieve and to excess the oil from my face cause I have a oily face skin type. I hope that this product will help other people like me to achieve glowing skin and nourish the skin in a low cost price. Thank you!❤️

      1. Ilang weeks ko palang sya nagagamit pero kita na agad ang result. Sobrang na-amazed ako kasi kala ko di sya effective sakin since sensitive skin ko. I love myra na talagaa ❤❤❤❤

          1. Yo! I tried many facial products and it din’t work for me. Now that I just tried it for a week and omg it’s ffective for meee. I never thought that myra will work for me like really!! Im a sensitive, dry and oily plus with acne and using myra facial wash with mosturizer really do good results for my face. I am so happy. Thanks myra ….

          1. Hi I want to try this. But I am a guy. And I have a problem with my reddish scars do you it will help me?

          2. Hi, Rod! You can definitely use Myra products no matter what your gender identity might be. Myra Facial Wash has whitening properties that may help lighten your skin concern. Still, do note that results may vary from person to person. As a general precaution, it is still best to consult your dermatologist. Hope this is clear! Thank you.

        1. Hi, Anne! Kindly send us a message on Facebook so we can assist you better regarding your concern. Thank you!

    1. Hi, Gianella! Yes, the new Myra Fresh Glow Facial Wash is now packed with Beauty Vitamins (Vitamins E, C, B3, B5, B6). Thank you for your trust in Myra!

    1. Yes, Gianella! The Myra Fresh Glow Facial Wash is packed with Beauty Vitamins (Vitamins E, C, B3, B5, B6). We hope we’re making your skin healthier. Thank you!

  2. Sobrang ganda po nito nakakaglow ng skin
    ang sarap gamitin and sulit na sulit po thank you myra e

    1. Ito pala yung facial wash na matagal ko ng hinahanap. Halos lahat ng facial wash na try ko na lahat kina clog lang pores ko nagkaka pimples ako. Pero dito sa sa Myra e facial wash dito lumiit ng husto mga pores ko at bilis mawala nung mga pimples ko napaka gentle niya sa skin. Highly recommended.

      1. Thank you for keeping Myra in your beauty routine, Jelly! We’re so glad to hear na hiyang sa’yo ang Myra Fresh Glow Facial Wash. Keep glowing!

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