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Did You Know Your Skin Ages Faster When You’re Stressed? Let’s Fix That!

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We shed light on how the stresses of daily work can affect your youthful skin, and share a quick solution to boost skin health.

Even through stressful days, we try our best to carry a smile on our face. But is this face still looking its most youthful as time goes on?

Hard at work in, out, and around the home over the past few months? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Through managing expenses, resources, and safety as the whole family makes home their headquarters for work and play, stress can easily build up. It’s a familiar feeling—your body may weaken from all the activities, your eyes can get tired from lack of sleep, and your head can get filled with all your loved ones’ worries. However, stress also speeds up signs of aging, and these are things you don’t immediately feel. So, when you find a quick second to take a breather and do a quick check of yourself in the mirror, here are some signs of skin aging you should look out for. Plus, a great solution to relieve yourself of these skin stresses.

Fine Lines Aren’t Fine for Your Skin

These days, we’ve all gone digital. While you may be wary enough to take eye breaks from looking at the screen all day, that doesn’t mean your eyes and overall skin are already safe from visible signs of aging. Over time, fine lines and wrinkles start forming under and around your eyes. These make you look older than you may be. First and foremost, this is caused by long sun and screen exposure. But even the unconscious habit of rubbing your eyes can also stretch your delicate eye skin, leading to fine lines.

Spotty Skin is Stressed Skin

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