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Aging Skin? Double-Down On Your Care Routine Now

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With all the lifestyle shifts you have done within the past year, have you upgraded your skin care routine as well?

Just like most parts of your body, your skin changes with age. And unlike some aging concerns such as muscle pain or decreased stamina, skin aging is highly visible. Extended exposure to varying environments in terms of temperature and humidity can cause skin to dry up. Dark spots can form on the surface of your now-sensitive skin due to prolonged sun exposure. Collagen production in the dermal layer of your skin starts to slow down and skin begins to lose its elasticity, forming fine lines around the eyes and mouth. Wrinkles around the cheeks become more prominent due to naturally shrinking cells in the deeper layers of skin. With all these visible changes, the sense of urgency to maintain youthful grows stronger as you age, and you start turning to skin care to help solve these issues.

Finding that much-needed beauty boost can be as easy as scouring the market for the best topicals like facial scrubs and creams. They’re great for treating your surface-level skin concerns and having you feel refreshed and renewed. But if those long-term effects rooted in internal changes aren’t going away, and supple skin with your current routine isn’t happening for you in your 40s, then it’s time to double-down on the fight against skin aging by considering ingestibles.

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Posted by Myra on Saturday, February 1, 2020

If it’s a routine upgrade you’re after, then give beauty ingestives a shot to further support your skin boosting efforts from the inside. Myra Ultimate is your compact and convenient anti-aging beauty supplement for your skin’s protection and preservation. Aging, coupled with the stresses of life, gives your skin a rough feel through fine lines and uneven tones. Once you start running your fingers through your face, you can get the urge to scrub the irregularities off with tubs of topicals or start layering on the masks. You can’t help but try washing away your skin concerns, even multiple times within a day, with the hopes of seeing lasting results. But the reality is that your aging skin reveals more challenges that can no longer be addressed with purely topical-based routines, such as fine lines naturally forming around your eyes or cheeks due to loosening skin. Myra Ultimate, however, provides a deeper level of care by working from the inside to give you a beauty transformation like no other. This is thanks to its signature breakthrough anti-oxidant: astaxanthin.

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