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I Felt Beautiful and Successful for the First Time at 32

It’s always been my dream to work as a performance artist, but I struggled with the idea of becoming one.

I thought I looked older than my age (my skin wasn’t at its best), plus I’m on the heavy side. I experienced discrimination because of it from my peers and casting agents when I started my career as an event host.

With all the snide remarks I was getting, I ended up questioning my capabilities. Later on though, I just wanted to have what I knew I was lacking: confidence.

I knew I was talented, but my lack of confidence was getting in the way of my success. I had to stop listening to the bullies, doubting myself, and shying away from opportunities.

Finding my passion and mustering the courage to work towards my goal was a long process. It took me half my life to go out there and take the leap. My biggest turning point was during the last quarter of 2016 when I was working as an account manager for events. Being exposed to people from the entertainment industry fueled a spark in me.

I realized that we’re all given talents and capabilities to make ourselves better and to inspire others. If I wanted to be successful, I needed to start working on myself.

So I did some research about how to improve my acting skills. I tried learning non-verbal acting and took vocal lessons. I started working on my skin too. I didn’t have a solid skincare routine before, so I decided to start one. Since then, I’ve always made sure to wash my face, tone, moisturize, and use sunblock. I even take (d-Alpha Tocopherol) Myra 400-E now, which can keep my skin healthy from within with regular or continued use. Caring for myself and having better skin boosted my confidence.

I’ve learned to accept my own brand of beauty. Instead of letting my insecurities consume me, I strive to improve what I already have.

I made 2017 a year of discovery and taking chances, and today, I can confidently say that my efforts have paid off. I’ve hosted a television show, acted in student films, and appeared in advertisements. I also have other projects lined up this year.

I have yet to work on my biggest break, but I’m happy to have made some progress. If there’s one thing I’m most proud of, it’s the fact that I’ve learned to appreciate myself. I’m 32, and now more than ever, I’m more confident about how I look and how my life has changed for the better since.

—MM Gigante*

Article originally posted here.

*Name has been changed.

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