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Beauty Influencers on Why Vitamin E is a Skincare Must-Have

Beauty or immunity? Today’s standouts know that when you have the right product, you can have both. That’s why the country’s top beauty influencers have Myra E in their skincare arsenal, not just for glowing skin, but also for better overall health.

Why is Vitamin E important? Beauty influencers weigh in.

Angel Dei

When asked about her glowing skin, beauty vlogger Angel Dei attributes it to her newfound habit of taking vitamin E daily. “Aside from glowing skin, gusto ko kasi magdagdag sa daily routine ko ng makakadagdag sa aking immunity,” Angel explains in her vlog. “Ang ganda ng effect nya sa aking skin and physical appearance, but more importantly, ang ganda ng effect niya sa aking health.” Beauty or immunity? Angel loves that she does not have to choose as long as she takes Myra E. “While you’re taking care of your health, with Myra E, naaalagaan mo din skin mo para mas glowy ka and mukhang stress-free ka,” she shares.

Watch Angel’s full vlog on her YouTube channel.

Michelle Dy

For Michelle Dy’s summer agenda, it was all about a strong immune system and glowing skin. Her secret? “I get BOTH by taking one Myra-E Vitamin capsule daily,” Michelle shares to her followers on her Instagram.

Dennise Lazaro-Revilla

As an athlete, Dennise “Denden” Garcia Lazaro-Revilla knows just how important it is to have a holistic approach when it comes to taking care of your body. In an Instagram post, she shares, “I’ve been taking Myra E for years now; not only has my skin looked better, it provides me with antioxidants my body needs to boost my immunity”

Cha Ocampo

With her workload, heavy outdoor activities, and all her dives, Cha Ocampo still manages to keep her skin and body healthy. Cha credits her standout glow to Myra E, which she has been taking since she was 18. “I didn’t expect anything from it as I was young but since then I’d always get compliments about my skin & how I ‘glow’”, she shares. “This is my secret for having glowing skin and strong immunity that really helps me a lot on my day to day activities as a diver / adventurer.”

Faye Balbacal

Content creator Faye Balbacal recognizes that one’s health should be top priority, especially given the current health situation. That’s why she takes Myra E after her meals, a habit she picked up from the women in her family who are also Myra E users. “I’ve been taking Myra E for months now, and so far, super nagustuhan ko ang effect niya sa skin at health ko. It’s not your regular beauty supplement, it’s #BeautEWithEmmunity,” Faye shared with her Instagram followers.

Watch Faye’s full vlog on her YouTube channel.

Kris Janson

Like all of us, Kris Janson takes every possible step to protect herself from the virus. So aside from following health protocols, Kris really makes it a point to take care of her health by taking Myra E everyday. “Did you know that Vitamin E can also boost your immunity?”, Kris asked on her Instagram post. “Because it is a powerful antioxidant, it’s able to strengthen my body’s resistance against sickness while giving me glowing skin!”

And it’s not just them: more and more women are trying Myra E daily and seeing its benefits for their skin and overall health. Here’s to ladies who choose bothe Beaut-E and E-mmunity with Myra-E!

Vitamin E for Beaut-E and E-mmunity

Vitamin E supplements have long been known for their skin-boosting benefits, but as these women have shared, there’s more to vitamin E than just being a go-to nutrient for healthy skin. In fact, vitamin E offers more for the whole body. 

From its cell-renewing benefits to how it boosts resistance against sickness, read on learn more about vitamin E’s powerful benefits for beauty and immunity.

Like these standout beauties, you too can experience the skin- and health-boosting benefits of taking Vitamin E daily.Experience the #BeautEwithEmmunity benefits of vitamin E from the No. 1 beauty vitamin, Myra E.

Want to learn more about the powers of vitamin E? Click here to find out more on how Vitamin E works to boost skin health and immunity!

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  1. Last year po umiinom ako ng myra almost 2 yrs din po, at effective ksi nag glow ung skin ko, pag lumalabas ako s bahay feel ko ang puti ko napansin rin ng mga friends ko ,kya masasabi ko n effective dahil na boost confidence ko dahil s myra pero ngyon pa stop stop ang pag take ko ksi minsan nakakalimutan ko dahil s pagod s work , pero ngyon itutuloy tuloy ko na dahil mukhang haggard n ako at umiitim na.hehe, sana my pa free si myra ngyon.

    1. Hi, Dens! We’re so glad your skin is healthier with Myra! Please be advised that Myra capsule is encouraged in order to maintain the results on your skin. Thank you!

  2. Good evening po.. ask lang po how to become an influencer of myra e product…product user ang anak ko at masasabi ko sbrang effective sa knya ang myra e…soap to cleanser, and moisturizer and also the lotion lahat po yan nagamit na nya…except lng po amg vitamins kz she’s 14 years old….hope mabigyan ng chance ang anak ko na ma i promote ang myra e kz super effective po tlga…
    Thank you anyway..

    1. Hi, Wenie! Please email your formal letter of request to [email protected]. There is a dedicated team in the company who will evaluate the request according to company policies. Allow them some time to get back to you accordingly. We wish you good luck in your endeavor.

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