What is the secret behind age-defying beauty? These women share that three natural ingredients found in one skincare solution is all it takes. - Myra
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What is the secret behind age-defying beauty? These women share that three natural ingredients found in one skincare solution is all it takes.

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As the saying goes, “All good things come in threes.” From the golden “Rule of Thirds” in photography to even a cinematic plot getting its satisfying conclusion within a trilogy of movies, we are hard-wired to accept that anything in threes feels perfect. But on a personal level, our day-to-day wellness can also find satisfaction in threes. For our beauty, Myra Ultimate–the go-to name in anti-aging skin care supplements–carries their own brand of perfection with a trio of antioxidants that work together to help reveal youthful, glowing skin. This isn’t just left to principle as five stunning women from various industries–Mikaela Martinez, Marie Lozano, Marj Barretto, Aubrey Miles, and Jenni Epperson–share the wonders of these three key ingredients and the age-defying benefits that they endow.

Astaxanthin, the star of the show

You can’t talk about the anti-aging results of Myra Ultimate without their breakthrough ingredient, astaxanthin. As the most vital of the three ingredients in every capsule, astaxanthin is responsible for slowing down the signs of skin aging by calming down your cell’s stress levels. Additionally, astaxanthin is known to prevent skin inflammation and boost the signs of healthy skin by giving it a radiant glow.

With regular use, the benefits of astaxanthin become visible, as momtrepreneur Mikaela Martinez shared. “[Myra Ultimate] has Astaxanthin which lightens dark spots, reduces fine lines & plumps the skin! Been taking it all month and I do notice the difference.”

Vitamin E, the skin shield for sun exposure

Skin aging is not just a natural process over the years. Other external factors can also speed up the formation of fine lines, dark spots, and uneven skin tone. So, alongside astaxanthin that calms skin stress from the inside, Vitamin E in Myra Ultimate gives your skin a protective boost from the harmful effects of pollutants and UV exposure. If you aren’t aware already, constant exposure to harmful UV rays causes premature signs of skin aging and starts the formation of dark spots that linger as you age. With Vitamin E in the mix, all these issues can be solved.

For someone who always finds herself under the sun as a travel junkie, Marie Lozano took the benefits of Vitamin E and saw the difference Myra Ultimate brought in her daily life. “It’s been a year since I first posted using #MyraUltimate and I am still at it… It’s only when I start to see noticeable changes that something becomes a staple in my routine. The changes that got me hooked–reduction of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots.”

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