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Actually, I Can: 5 Powerful Affirmations to Start Your Week Strong

It’s not Monday’s fault! Learn to stop dreading the start of the work week with these 5 reminders to keep you going through the daily grind.

You are what you need to be

You exist in this particular point of space and time because you are supposed to be right here, right now. You may feel dissatisfied at a previous point of your life, but you overcame that. Now look at you– stronger and wiser with all the experiences that life has given you. The transition between who you once were and who you would become always seems so hopeless, but transition means movement, and movement means progress.

You make the world exactly how you want it to be

Every day gives you new opportunities to make the world a better place. Traffic, no matter how time-consuming or draining, gives you the time to reflect. What can you do to help yourself, to help others, be a better version of yourself? How can you bring yourself to the point where you are achieving the greatness you can surely attain? Through the countless tears that you have shed to get to where you are, without giving up, you are here. Breathing. Not merely surviving, but existing. Living.

You occupy space and have mass; you matter

No one in this world is unimportant or insignificant. We all have a purpose for existence, a reason for living. No matter how simple it may seem to you, everything you do creates a ripple effect of action and reaction that affects everyone around you. So never think that the universe takes who or what you are for granted, because every molecule that makes up your being was once part of a star that made up entire galaxies, and you are the continuation of the
magnificence of the universe.

The obstacle blocking your path is not a wall but a door

Sometimes life throws you a curve that feels like the final straw. Remember that what makes you beautifully human is to stand up again and again in spite and despite everything that decides to hinder your road to success. So do not fret and take your time, because only you hold the power to grab onto your tomorrows in your hands.

You are beautiful

Even in the days when you feel like you just want to hide under your blankets and never face the rest of the world, realize this: you are depriving the world of becoming better by refusing to contribute what you can to it. You are yourself, while the rest of the world have their own identities as well. You lose the moment you compare yourself with other people, so focus on the fact that you give something to the world that only you can give: your unique existence.

Stress, pollution, and an unhealthy lifestyle can hinder us from fully grasping our potential. With the help of powerful vitamin E antioxidants contained in Myra capsules, you can help your body to renew and repair itself from within. Face the challenges of the new week ahead with a smile and the confidence of knowing that you can conquer everything, because you believe so, and that is enough.

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