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6 Essentials for Looking and Doing Your Best in Video Calls

A standout beauty always looks her best even on a screen! Read on for tips on how to turn heads on video calls with essentials such as lighting and a good skincare routine.

Leaving your Best Impression, On and Offscreen

Work meetings with clients, hangouts with friends and catching up with family — most of our social interactions are now done through webcams! And just as you would in normal gatherings, you want to stand out and look good. Because leaving your best impression is always a must, even in the confines of a small screen.

Check out these essentials for looking good online.

Find the right angle
Command attention and connect better with your camera at eye level or higher. Giving your webcam a lift by stacking books under it also ensures that you don’t get the unpleasant double chin effect.

Keep in mind that you’re on camera
Part of looking good in a video call is actively participating in it. Act as you would in person, and keep in mind that you are on camera.

Have a background check
Go with a plain, clean background. Though it can be tempting to feature a posh, IG-level backdrop, it tends to take away focus from who should be the star of the vid session: you.

Look good by styling up
Dressing up and putting on makeup for a video chat gets you in the mood! So, don’t hesitate to style up with makeup.

Tinker with Filters
Don’t forget to check out modern tech’s gifts for a flawless digital appearance. If you’re working with Zoom, enable the “Touch Up My Appearance” function in the video settings for a skin-softening effect that minimizes the visibility of blemishes. Very much like how a good Myra skincare routine works on your complexion!

These essentials aside, remember that beauty, whether online or offline, always starts with healthy skin. And to support healthy skin, make sure it gets the nourishment it needs by subscribing to a vitamin-based skincare. Take Myra E daily, and you’ll discover that no gorgeous backdrop or lighting tops skin that’s healthy and naturally glowing.

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