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The 10 Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Should Own

Trends and fashions may come and go, but there are some clothes that will never go out of style.

Nice fitting jeans

Never underestimate a good pair of denim pants. There are a lot of styles and cuts to choose from as well! In a universally flattering dark wash, make sure to get at least one pair that hugs all your curves in all the right places. Styled correctly, you can make it casual for hanging out with friends or dressy enough for a semi-formal event.


Ah, the staple so classic that bands and boygroups like One Direction have songs about it. These songs exist for a reason: the little black dress, immortalized into a symbol of classic femininity by Audrey Hepburn wearing it in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, is certainly something a woman could wear and make every head in the room turn in attention.


Not as famous but definitely not to be forgotten, a little white dress is a fresh take on
the classic LBD, and deserves its own spot on the list. Youthful and mature at the wearer's
choice, it leaves room for a lot of interpretations. Depending on your choice of accent pieces,
either structured or loose and flowy pieces can work to your advantage.

Structured blazer

Blazers are no longer restricted to boardroom meetings and company conferences. Although an essential if you have to dress up your outfit for work, it can also be layered over jeans and a graphic print shirt or over a dress if you need a cover up at a party.

A sturdy pair of sneakers

Who says these shoes are only meant for exercise? Now that it is more acceptable– fashionable, even!– to pair sneakers with dresses, the possibilities are endless. Wear them on a shopping trip, walking your dog around the park, or dancing the night away with your friends– comfort and style are not mutually exclusive things, after all.

Black pumps

This pair is a must-have for every professional out there planning to win the hearts of the business world with skill, confidence, and style. Black pumps give you the added boost of height and tops off the polished look we know you would be nailing. Be sure to get a pair that you would comfortable wearing for long stretches of time, whether around the office or a fun night out with friends.

Statement watch

Watches are as much accessories as they are timepieces for you than merely tell the time. With the ability of adding pizzazz to a boring outfit, a classic timepiece is a good investment to consider for your wardrobe. A chunkier watch is a good conversation starter; wearing it loose gives the area around your wrist room to breathe, and also gives an otherwise uptight outfit a more loose and playful accent.

Undergarments with the perfect fit

The discomfort of wearing ill-fitting undergarments can cause actual back problems, so make sure to get measured and find undergarments that you feel comfortable in. The best option is to go for nude tones that match your skin tone, as these are less likely to show through your clothes.

White button down

The go-to office staple, this article of clothing can also be dressed up or down. Wear it over slacks or a pencil skirt, or over a sleeveless dress as a cover-up. Get the model off-duty look down pat by wearing it loose with shorts or leggings, or you can opt for open and breezy with a tank top underneath and ripped jeans to get the perfect balance between
rugged and polished.

A plain white shirt

Simplicity is beauty, as the adage goes. As adept as a blank canvas, the white shirt is most versatile as a layering piece. It looks just right under a jacket or collared shirt, and also over a slip dress. Worn plain and loose over shorts, jeans or skirts, the white shirt is a simple backdrop to let your flawless skin speak for itself.

As these clothes would serve as the building blocks of your wardrobe, the perfect backdrop to it would be smooth and flawless skin. With Myra VitaSmooth Hand & Body Lotion and its antioxidant vitamin E beads, it is not impossible to achieve extra smooth and soft skin.

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