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Beauty Transformation? See What Astaxanthin Does For Youthful Skin

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It’s a show-and-tell on how astaxanthin fights off and protects your skin from unwanted damages, from formation all the way to skin firmness and clarity

We always thirst for an explanation of how things work, especially when it comes to how our body changes over time. We may not be even aware of how our own skin ages–we often notice changes when it’s too late. This is crucial as skin is undoubtedly the first thing we see in one another. But with supplements for our skin’s nourishment such as Myra Ultimate being the talk of the town, how can we educate ourselves with its process and effects?

Myra Ultimate has been constantly delivering health and lifestyle advice for the young-at-skin with their signature antioxidant astaxanthin. The results are clear: reduced fine lines and better skin elasticity. But how does astaxanthin actually deliver that? Where does this ingredient originate and how does it lend to your radiant beauty transformation?

Satisfy your curiosity through these explanations showcasing the origins and beneficial anti-aging effects brought by Myra Ultimate:

Oxidative stress makes wrinkles and fine lines more visible
Oxidative stress makes wrinkles and fine lines more visible
Wrinkled skin, especially around visible areas like around the eyes and mouth, give off an aged look
Myra Ultimate and astaxanthin help balance these stress levels for firmer skin

After taking a capsule of Myra Ultimate (once to twice nightly, or as prescribed by a physician), astaxanthin enters our bodies and begins its mission.

As an antioxidant first and foremost, astaxanthin’s main goal is to help our skin overcome oxidative stress. When our cells use oxygen to generate energy, they create by-products that roam freely in our internal systems. At low levels, these are harmless, but when these by-products start to accumulate, they begin to generate oxidative stress, damaging cell structures and accelerating skin aging.

Myra Ultimate, through astaxanthin, balances the levels of by-product in your skin and prevents oxidative damage. This results in less wrinkles and fine lines, making your skin more supple even as you power through your 40s.

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