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This is the secret to ageless beauty women haven’t been told

Women need not look further for the secret to youth because a recent breakthrough is bound to change their lives forever. This is the discovery of astaxanthin’s promise of delaying skin aging.

A type of carotenoid, astaxanthin is a red pigment that gives the bright red color to marine species like shrimp, crab and salmon. It has been extracted for food supplements as early as the 1990s because of its antioxidant properties and skin health benefits.

There are a few known facts about astaxanthin’s beauty benefits until a recent study by Japanese dermatologists revealed its amazing effects to skin aging.

Dr. Nicholas Perricone, an American celebrity doctor and dermatologist, classified astaxanthin as “the king of carotenoids” and as a “super nutrient for the skin.” He explained that it is “an irreplaceable and exceptionally powerful nutrient necessary for any successful anti-aging regimen.”

To women, signs of skin aging can appear on the skin in their 30s, continue in their 40s and progress in their 50s and beyond. With astaxanthin, they can worry less.

It’s reassuring to know that astaxanthin can address skin aging. Here’s how:

1. It reduces fine lines

Worry creases on the eyes and smiles lines are the beginning of wrinkles to women in their 30s. More appear in the form of crow’s feet, also on the eyes, and deepened forehead creases by the time women reach their 40s.

Astaxanthin can lessen fine lines because it promotes collagen production, which is crucial in repairing the skin. This also prevents skin from wrinkling and sagging, all the while enhancing skin’s elasticity.

2. It lightens dark spots

Another sign of aging for women are dark spots, which can come in the form of age spots, freckles or dark eye circles. These are caused by over exposure to harmful UV rays.

Thankfully, astaxanthin can lighten dark spots because it inhibits oxidation of melanin after UV exposure. In fact, inhibitory effect is 6000x more powerful than Vitamin C and comparable that of  L-cysteine, both anti-oxidants.

By serving as sunscreen to UV rays, astaxanthin helps improve the appearance of skin and prevents formation of dark spots.

3. It prevents sun damage

Lastly, astaxanthin is proven to prevent skin damage caused by photo aging, which is the main cause of age-associated changes in the skin. Photo-aged skin manifests in dryness, pigmentation, and decreasing skin elasticity.

To prevent photo-aging, the antioxidant improves the moisture-retention capacity of the skin surface cells. It also preserves transportation of vital nutrients to skin cells.

More importantly, astaxanthin is proven safe with no toxicity or adverse symptom found from high-dosage intake.

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