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What to Look For In a Vitamin-Based Skincare

Having a skincare routine is essential and it’s only proper that a healthy regimen should be done early on. But with so many beauty must-do’s and complicated skincare steps circulating online, knowing which skincare rule to follow can be confusing. Well, here’s the thing: skin care is simple given that the necessary ingredients are present in your skincare products.

Here are some healthy face tips to have that healthy and glowing skin, it’s essential to have a vitamin-based skincare routine. So when picking your skin cleansers and moisturizers, make sure your skincare buddies have the following vitamins:


It’s a super antioxidant that helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles by fighting skin-damaging free radicals.

Vitamin A

A wrinkle reducer that helps build the skin’s collagen and reduces skin hyperpigmentation.

Vitamin B3

This vitamin locks in moisture, strengthens the skin, and keeps skin irritants out.

Vitamin C

Vitamin c is a potent antioxidant that repairs the skin from photo damage caused by excessive sun exposure. It also boosts the production of skin-firming collagen.

Vitamin E

This beauty vitamin eliminates free radicals and maintains the skin’s moisture balance, protecting it from inflammation and scars.

Vitamin B5

It’s the skin’s natural healer and protector that helps regenerate skin tissues and repairs skin barriers to protect the dermis from irritation.

Vitamin B6

This vitamin helps control excess oils that cause acne and is responsible for the development of new red blood cells necessary to repair damaged skin.

Vitamins do play an essential role in cleansing, moisturizing, and improving your skin. So the next time you buy a skincare product be reminded that the key to a good facial wash and moisturizer are these vitamins. Myra is a vitamin-based skincare line that has the essential beauty vitamins formulated to boost your skin, keeping it healthy and glowing!

For your daily skincare routine, check out Myra’s line of vitamin-based products. For more information, visit www.myra.com.ph

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  1. I have been using Myra E capsule and body lotion for years now and the result is amazing. I have added myra soap for my dark areas this year.

    1. Hi, Molissa! Myra skincare products now have 5 Essential Vitamins perfect to keep your skin glowing. Hope you can try them out!

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