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tips on how to look younger in your 40s

Be More in Your 40s with Myra Ultimate

For modern women, 40 marks the pivotal age when they bloom into their best selves. Today, aging does not define women. Rather than be undone by it, they have taken it upon themselves to characterize what turning 40 means for them: a pivotal age when they embrace the irrefutable fact there is so much more to look forward to in life. 

Society has always viewed aging as one of life’s most humbling experiences, but Angel Jones has flipped this outdated script to show women how to rewrite their attitudes. “I believe, with proper diet and exercise, inner happiness is the fountain of youth. Age doesn’t stop me from doing things I love and makes me happy.” 

Because life experiences prepared her for this moment, Aubrey Miles feels unshackled by the mental limitations that held her back in her younger years. “I love this age. I feel that I can achieve more. I can be anything I want with proper supplementation of powerful anti-oxidants that keep me looking and feeling by best.” 

Right now, Pia Guanio-Mago is enjoying her vitality and confidence even more, notably while she relishes the romantic thrill of spending quality time with her husband. “My husband and I try to do some things together like cooking and playing golf. Even in quarantine, we assign a night in a week for ‘date nights’ at home.

While they may have noticeable changes in the way their body works or feels, these women all take proactive measures that embrace their new reality with a daily program of self-advocacy. Tweetie says that it is a simple choice to make a commitment to your personal wellness. I make sure that I am consistent with my routines and skin care regimen to achieve results.” Angel sums it up neatly into a perfect trifecta: “Eat healthy, exercise, healthy mind set, proper skin care.” The latter is especially important, given that early signs of aging begin to appear as soon as women hit the age of 30. “I try to be very dutiful about my daily beauty regimen.  Toner and sunblock after morning shower, cleansing with make-up-removing oils, facial soap and moisturizer at night,” Pia says, adding that she also takes a powerful supplement to reduce signs of aging such as sagging skin, fine lines, and dark spots. “I never forget to drink my two capsules of Myra Ultimate at night.

Myra Ultimate’s breakthrough formula is a potent combination of astaxanthin, lycopene, and vitamin E that reveals beautiful, radiant, youthful skin that lasts. Pia gushes that Myra Ultimate helps her look fresh with increased vitality. “I love that I look well-rested all the time regardless of how much sleep I’ve had the night before!” Tweetie shares her skin changes with regular use. “I have made note of improved skin texture, tightened pores, and reduced lines. My skin feels quite supple and moisturized.” Aubrey credits her skin’s vitality to Myra Ultimate. “Myra Ultimate helps me stay beautiful and radiant in my 40s!

Taken orally once or twice nightly as prescribed by a physician, Myra Ultimate is a worthy investment with an SRP of Php20 per capsule. Women can expect to feel revitalized with the marked improvement in their confidence, helping them to be more at 40, unlike ever before!

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    1. Hi, Emelinda! Myra Ultimate can be taken by people who are 35 years old and above, ideal for those who are looking for products that help reduce signs of skin aging. No age limit has been specified.

    1. Hi, Angie! At your age, you may take either Myra Ultimate or Myra E (300IU/400IU) capsules. But we do not recommend taking Myra E and Myra Ultimate on the same day, but you may take them on alternating days. Also best to consult your doctor before taking any vitamins/supplements, Myra included. Hope this is clear 🙂 Thank you!

  1. Gumagamit ako ng myraE 8 months na totoo ba na dapat may monthly interval ang paginom ng myra at hindi dapat continous…pede ba din bang uminom ng gluta with collagen at the same time.

    1. Hi, *amabelleaquino! Continued use of Myra capsule is encouraged in order to maintain the results on your skin.

      Also, if you want to take Myra Ultimate with other vitamins/supplements, we recommend getting in touch with your doctor as they are in the best position to advise what is most suitable based on your age, health status, and nutritional needs.

    1. Hi, Beth! Myra Ultimate can be taken by people who are 35 years old and above, ideal for those who are looking for products that help reduce signs of skin aging. No age limit has been specified.

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