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Ang Beaut-E dapat may E-mmunity!​

The #1 Vitamin E

True standouts these days know that it’s not just about looking good on the outside; what’s on the inside matters too. And to help achieve both beauty and immunity, they take d-Alpha Tocopherol (Myra 400-E).

Hindi lang basta beaut-e, may e-mmunity rin!

Myra Vitamin E is more than just your beauty vitamin. It is made out of a powerful antioxidant that helps protect cells from damage and increases resistance against sickness. Kaya hindi lang basta beaut-E, health-E rin! ‘Yan ang totoong kinaganda ng Myra. ​

Experience beauty and immunity in a capsule for only P12 SRP.


Per capsule – ₱12.00

Box of 8s – ₱98.00

Bottle of 30s – ₱367.00


400 IU Vitamin E

How to Use

Orally, take capsule once a day, daily, or as prescribed by a physician.


    1. Hi, Hanifa! Myra capsules are designed to renew and repair skin cells, giving you healthy skin from within. The capsules contain the antioxidant vitamin E, which prevents harmful chemicals  otherwise known as bad free radicals from damaging your healthy skin cells. Having healthy cells means having healthy skin from within with continued use of Myra. Hope this helps!

      1. Pwede po ba sa Acidic ang Myra E? At ask ko lang din po kung nakakapayat ba yan? Nagtake kasi ako ng Vitamin e (don’t wanna mention the brand’s name) and napansin ko na lalo akong pumapayat.

        1. Hi, John! While vitamin E is generally nontoxic, we nonetheless recommend getting in touch with your doctor if you have a preexisting condition. Your doctor is in the best position to advise what is most suitable based on your age, health status, and nutritional needs.

          Also, Myra E capsules primarily nourish and repair damaged cells to help strengthen your e-mmunity and give you healthy skin from within. As vitamin E present in Myra E is an antioxidant, it can increase resistance against sickness. But do note that every individual’s body may react differently to supplements.

          While Myra has no proven side effects, such as weight gain or weight loss, we recommend that you talk to your doctor first before taking any vitamins or supplements as they can best assess your nutritional needs based on your medical history. Thanks!

    1. Hi, Yen! Men may also use Myra E. Just like women, men are equally exposed to harmful chemicals, also known as free radicals. But if you have any misgivings, it’s best to consult your doctor first before taking any kind of vitamins because they are in the best position to advise what is most suitable based on your age, health status, and nutritional needs.

    1. Hi, Sarah Jane! Please be advised that Vitamin E is relatively nontoxic and is usually tolerated by most adults without undesirable effects.

      But high doses of Vitamin E on a daily basis for prolonged periods have occasionally been associated with increasing bleeding tendency in vitamin K-deficient patients such as those taking oral anti-coagulants. If you are on such medication, kindly consult your doctor first before you take Vitamin E. Hope this is clear. Thanks!

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