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Jewelry in the Workplace: How to Accessorize Work Outfits

Accessories complete an outfit, transforming something drab to fab! Here are some ways how you can wear jewelry with your work ensembles.

Know the Rules

There are some companies that do not allow employees as part of their policies. Some working environments, such as factories, laboratories, hospitals, and anything that handles sensitive material, require employees to remove any jewelry their employees may wear during work hours for safety and sanitary reasons. Etiquette in wearing jewelry to certain events should also be observed.

Make One Statement

Usually, one statement piece does the trick. A bold and colorful necklace against a monochrome outfit or an ensemble with a neutral palette draws immediate attention to the piece, and would be a great conversation starter. Wearing a pair of earrings or a statement ring may work as well. However, do not go overboard by wearing a full set of earrings, bracelets and necklaces with bold patterns all in one go.

A Watch is Safest

Investing on a timepiece would go a long way. Not only is it functional, but a nice watch doubles as a nice accessory. A watch with an interesting face design or a unique wrist strap would be a nice statement piece. Getting a chunky watch and wearing it loosely on your wrist makes it double as a bracelet as well.

Less is More

If you do decide on wearing multiple pieces, it is best to keep them subtle. Simple stud or pearl earrings go well with most formal set-ups, and can add a touch of elegance to even the most casual outfits. The purpose should be to enhance your overall look, and not to distract you or your co-workers with whatever you decide to wear.

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