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Myra Fresh Glow Facial Wash

For Normal to Oily Skin


No matter what, a real standout stays fresh with oil-free, glowing skin. And to help her face the world and make it glow, she cleanses daily with Myra Fresh Glow Whitening Facial Wash.

It’s more than just a facial wash. The new Myra Fresh Glow Whitening Facial Wash is now packed 5 Essential Vitamins (Vitamins E, C, B3, B5, B6), a powerful combination of vitamins that help nourish skin with every wash.

It also has Oil Clear Technology™, an advanced formula that effectively whitens skin. It also gently removes dead skin and slows down oil production, which helps improve the appearance of pores.

Perfect for normal to oily skin types, Myra Fresh Glow Whitening Facial Wash is ideal for daily use to deeply cleanse for oil-free, glowing skin.



10mL sachet – ₱16.00

50mL tube – ₱79.00

How to Use

Squeeze a pea-sized amount onto your palm. Lather with water, gently massage over wet face and neck. Rinse thoroughly with water. For best results, use with Myra Whitening Smooth Glow Facial Moisturizer.

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  1. I so love myra facial wash! i don’t need more skin care products to provide my face needs! kayang kaya na ni Myra alagaan ang aking face skin! it gives me the glow I always wanted and and nababalik niya ang aking lighter face skin! oil-free pa maghapon! Wow! Thanks Myra!

    1. Kayang kaya talaga ang skin concerns ‘pag alagang Myra ka, Samantha! Thank you for the good rating. Keep glowing!

    1. Thank you for your daily use of Myra, Jolly Ann! We appreciate the good rating as well. Keep glowing!

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