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This 6-Step Skincare Routine Can Help Fade Fine Lines in 12 Weeks

There’s nothing more rewarding than watching wrinkles fade over a tangible amount of time, but since there are a lot of antioxidants, ingredients, and super nutrients to choose from, it can be tricky to figure out which ones will help with your discovery of the fountain of youth. We put together a streamlined routine that, together with a proper diet and exercise, can help visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines in 12 weeks.

1. A gentle cleanser

Finding the right product to wash away dirt from your face is as crucial as any other product that you use in your skincare regimen. Look for a product that is gentle on your skin but can still remove dirt, grime, and makeup without irritating your face. You can also use a sulfate-free cleanser to make sure your skin won’t dry out.

2. An alpha hydroxy acid toner

A toner basically balances the pH level of your skin, preparing it for the rest of your regimen. Look for a toner with alpha hydroxy acids. These add radiance to your face, and they also help smooth fine lines and help reduce the appearance of enlarged pores.

3. A specialized serum

A serum that contains retinol can increase cell turnover and stimulate collagen synthesis. This means that serums containing retinol can reduce the appearance of fine lines and fade dark spots.

4. A moisturizer with SPF

Sunny or not, applying sunscreen is a step you shouldn’t skip. Sun damage is one of the major causes of premature aging, sunspots, and freckles. Go for a moisturizer with an SPF of at least 30. You’ll keep your skin soft and supple while protecting it from the sun.

5. A rich eye cream

The skin around your eyes is very sensitive, and fine lines, crow’s feet, and wrinkles often appear in this area first. Lines are a result of a lack of moisture, and when the skin is dry, it loses elasticity. Use an eye cream that contains hyaluronic acid. This ingredient can help hydrate your eye area, helping it look taut and fresh.

6. An antioxidant oral supplement with astaxanthin

Make your skincare routine even more effective by slowing down the aging process from within. Astaxanthin is considered to be one of the most powerful antioxidants available. It’s a carotenoid found in freshwater microalgae that displays high levels of antioxidant activity to help prevent premature aging. Research has shown that with long-term and continued use, the supplement can help slow down the skin aging process by reducing the appearance of fine lines and dark spots in 12 weeks.

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